Other Lotteries includes:

  • Private Lotteries,
  • Charitable / Society Lotteries
  • Promotional Competitions.

Private Lotteries: refers to activities in which ticket sales is conferred to members of a society and not open to public participation.

Charitable/Society Lotteries: refers to lotteries promoted on behalf of a society which is established and conducted wholly and mainly for charitable purposes.

Promotional Competitions: ‘promos’ are largely conducted by corporate bodies to reward customer loyalty to a brand and / or to create awareness for products and services.

Corporate bodies are required to obtain a licence to conduct promotional competitions in Lagos State. An activity qualifies for registration as a promotional competition where it includes any game, scheme, arrangement, system, plan or device which requires subscription for distributing prizes by lot or chance. Subscription here means the payment, delivery of any money, goods, articles, matter or thing including any ticket, coupon or entry form for the right to compete in the promo.

Revenue generated from promotional competitions is also applied to Good Causes Project in the following sectors: Education, Infrastructure, Environment, Social & Health.

Guidelines to promotional competition :