Lagos State Lotteries Board Shuts Down Illegal Gaming Operator

Lagos State Lotteries Board (LSLB) was established by the Lagos State Lottery Law 2004 (as amended) to regulate online lotteries and related gaming activities conducted within Lagos State.

In exercise of its regulatory functions, LSLB conducts continuous surveillance on the industry to detect and clamp down on illegal gaming operations in Lagos State.

In the course of one of such exercises, LSLB discovered the illegal and unlicenced sports betting activities of Totobet24 in the Ajah area of Lagos State.

The Public Relations Officer, LSLB – Mr Emmanuel Olaniran disclosed that LSLB formally and verbally warned the promoters of Totobet24 to desist from operating in Lagos State without a valid licence from LSLB and also informed them of the consequences of operating in violation of the Lagos State Lottery Law.

However, the operator disregarded LSLB’s notice and continued to operate which precipitated the enforcement and closure of its administrative/operating office in Lagos State.

Mr. Emmanuel reiterated that LSLB is the sole government agency responsible for regulating games of chance in Lagos State; thus, any organization interested in conducting gaming activities such as public online lottery, sports betting, scratch card & interactive games, casino, gaming machine, pools betting, promotional competitions, charitable lotteries etc within Lagos State, must apply to LSLB for an operating licence prior to commencement of operations.

LSLB continuously intensifies monitoring and surveillance activities across the state to ensure sanitization and stability of the industry.

Stakeholders including members of the public are enjoined to cooperate with the Lagos State Lottery Board to achieve the desired objective and vision for the industry by liaising with LSLB on all matters affecting the gaming industry including enquiries, complaints and suggestions to promote the sector.



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