The Lagos State Lotteries (Amendment) Law 2008 allows individuals and corporate bodies to benefit from the Distribution Trust Fund by making application for Grants. Grants are allocated to applicants for utilization in Infrastructure, Education, Environment, Social & Health sectors.


Applicants for Grants must meet the following requirements:
• The objective of the Grant must be non-profit by nature.
• The project to be executed must be in Lagos State.
• The project must be in the interest and to the benefit of Lagosians.
• The project must be connected to any of the four objectives outlined or be classed as good causes objective.

Consideration will also be given to:
The general development of the State with specific reference to the financial, social and moral interests of Lagos and the enhancement of the living standards of people in the state

Local interest, including:-
• The number of lottery tickets sold in each Local Government
• The population of each Local Government
• The social requirement of each Local Government.

Any individual or company meeting the requirements may in the prescribed form apply to LSLB for funding. LSLB will exercise fairness and equity in allocating the funds amongst persons who meet the prescribed requirements.


1 Chrysalis Youth Foundation


Sponsorship of public secondary school students in Lagos State as participants in the International Award for Young People Nigeria
2 Kids Port Summer camp for children in selected orphanages